Electronic Delivery

Sign Up and Opt in for Electronic Delivery of Annual Meeting Materials

Want to avoid mail delays and receive Annual Meeting materials by electronic delivery?  By joining with the many other Shareholders who choose electronic delivery, you are reducing printing and postage costs and paper use, which allows Sitnasuak to control expenses in the interest of delivering more value for our Shareholders. In addition, this method allows you to view the materials at your convenience, easily print them if you wish and to vote your shares electronically.  Best of all, you will have the opportunity to receive the information earlier than ever before.

A valid email address is required.  You may sign up for electronic delivery in two ways.  Please see below for required information to register, information about how electronic delivery works, and other details.  The deadline to opt in is April 26, 2022, at 4 p.m. (Alaska Time).  You may revoke electronic delivery at any time.

Opt-in for digital delivery by the deadline to be entered in to win 1 of 5 e-gift cards of $200 each. Winners will be announced at the 49th Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

Two ways to opt in:

Option 1) The most quick and efficient way to opt in for electronic delivery of annual meeting materials and more is using the MySNC Shareholder Portal.

Opt In



Option 2) Click on the link below to obtain a consent form for electronic delivery of annual meeting materials:

Opt In


How it works

When Annual Meeting materials are available:

  • You will receive an email with a link to SNCVOTE.ORG
  • The Annual Meeting materials will be available at this website
  • The email will also include your PIN to vote online and you can vote immediately
  • A single piece of paper as a backup will be mailed to your last known address with your PIN to vote online

Annual Meeting materials generally include the Annual Report; notice of Annual Meeting; proxy statement; agenda for Annual Meeting; proxy card; instructions for filling out the proxy card; proxy prize information; general instructions; and other items.

General Information

The SNCVOTE.ORG website is only operational during voting periods.  There is no need to fill out an online consent form if you have already done so and your email address has not changed.  There is no charge to Shareholders for participation in electronic delivery.  This consent is optional and voluntary, and you may revoke receiving Annual Meeting materials electronically at any time by sending a signed and dated written notice to the Sitnasuak Shareholder Relations Department.  Following receipt of your request, Sitnasuak will thereafter mail paper copies during the next scheduled mailing of Annual Meeting materials.

For questions or to request a copy of the Consent Form, please contact our offices at:

Nome Office
P.O. Box 905
214 Front Street, 2nd Floor
Nome, Alaska 99762
Phone: 907-387-1200
Fax: 907-443-6437
Email: digitaldelivery@snc.org

Anchorage Office
2700 Gambell Street, Suite 300
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Phone: 907-929-7000
Fax: 907-375-2910
Email: digitaldelivery@snc.org